Saturday, May 22, 2010

Self-Coined Word Of The Day - Qwerty

The self coined word of the day:

Qwerty (Verb):
Pronounced as quer-tee.
Qwerty is the act of qwerting which is to write logical nonsence. Qwerty-ious is short for qwertyuiop, which is an adjective to describe something that is nonsensical and yet is logical. Qwerty comes from the word qwert with comes from the word qwertyuiop with originates from the maker of the keyboard.
Synonyms: Zxcvbnm
Anonyms: Poiuytrewq, Trewq


1 comment:

  1. Do note that zxcvbnm and poiuytrewq are both magic spells. You can try saying them both, but they would probably do the same effect as abracadabra - NOTHING!